Big Data: The Management Revolution

Wednesday, December 12

MIT Media Lab
20 Ames Street, E14-6th Floor
Cambridge, MA

8:00 am Registration and Breakfast
8:45 am Welcome and Opening Remarks
Dean David Schmittlein (MIT Sloan), Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee (MIT Center for Digital Business)
9:00 am Keynote 1: Big Data - The Management Revolution
Erik Brynjolfsson (MIT)

9:30 am Presentation 1:  Data Driven Decision Making in More Profitable Companies
Roger Roberts (McKinsey)
9:50 am Break
10:15 am Panel 1: So You Want to be a Data Scientist?
Moderator - Erik Brynjolfsson (MIT)
Panelists - Tom Davenport (HBS)Claudia Perlich (m6d), Rachel Schutt (Google)
11:15 am Research Briefs: 
Catherine Tucker (MIT) – Social Advertising
Roberto Rigobon (MIT) – The Billion Prices Project
Sinan Aral (NYU Stern, MIT) – Influence in Social Media Networks
12:00 pm Lunch
1:00 pm Panel 2:  The New Technology Landscape
Moderator - Sam Madden (MIT CSAIL)
Panelists - Michael Stonebraker (MIT)Martin Fleming (IBM), Mike Olson (Cloudera), Sanjay Poonen (SAP)
2:00 pm Keynote 2:  Measuring the Economic Impact of the Sharing Economy
Tim O’Reilly (O’Reilly Media)
2:30 pm Break
3:00 pm One-on-One
Building a Data-Driven Enterprise: Andrew McAfee (MIT) in conversation with Gary Loveman (Caesars Entertainment)
3:45 pm Presentation 3:  Human Dynamics 
Sandy Pentland (MIT Media Lab)
4:05 pm Closing Keynote: The Decade's Sexy Discipline
Hal Varian (Google)
4:30 pm Wrapup
Andrew McAfee and Erik Brynjolfsson (MIT Sloan)
4:45 pm Adjourn

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