2014 Platform Strategy Executive Symposium

July 25, 2014

8:00 AM to 6:30 PM

MIT Media Lab - 6th Floor

We are pleased to announce a workshop on platform-centered economics and management, which will take place on Friday July 25. This event will gather a global community of executives to explore the economics and management of platform-centered markets and discuss their implications for managers, industry and governmental policy.

Strategic Focus

Platform business models are rapidly reshaping the structures and conditions of industries such as media, energy, telecommunications, social networking, publishing, academia, gaming, and retail. Organizations are finding their current business models to be insufficient or ineffective for addressing the challenges and behavior of platform-based markets.

Global Business Leaders

This full-day workshop will give executives the opportunity to interact with other executives who are facing the same strategic challenges of launching, growing, and defending businesses in a network world.


• Platform business models
• Startup & Platform Launch
• Transitioning Products & Services to Platforms
• Two Sided Networks
• Multisided platforms
• Managing Internal Conflict
• Pricing strategy
• Open Innovation
• Failed Platforms
• Business Cannibalization
• Migrating/Leveraging the installed base
• Regulation
• User engagement
• Keeping the platform fresh
• Assessing Platform Opportunities

How to attend?

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Hosted by:

MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy


Geoffrey Parker, Tulane University
Marshall Van Alstyne, Boston University
Sangeet Choudary, Platform Thinking Labs

Please visit the Platform Economics and Strategy website (platformeconomics.org/)

Administrative Contact:

If you have questions, please contact Justin Lockenwitz (jlocke@mit.edu) or phone 617-253-7054.

Special thanks:



Boston University School of Management, Information Systems Department