The MIT Center for Digital Business A Partnership in Research


The MIT Center for Digital Business is a partnership in research between our corporate sponsors and MIT faculty. Each partnership revolves around research projects that are a one-to-one match between a faculty principal investigator and a single corporate sponsor. In every project, there is an equal value proposition for each participant - the sponsor has an expected economic benefit from the project outcome, and the faculty member has an equal expected academic benefit from the research. This matching approach is unique, and fits well with the mission of MIT - to conduct work that is both academically rigorous but also relevant to industry.

"Digital business" is part and parcel of today's modern corporation. Technology is pervasive. Having said that, our Center only focuses on those aspects of the digital domain where we have specific expertise. Our current focus is in three areas that we call "special interest groups" or SIGs, including:

Each SIG is headed by a senior member of the MIT Faculty, and includes a number of other faculty that are engaged in a complementary cluster of projects that have been designed in collaboration with our sponsors.

A corporate sponsor typically will participate directly in one or two projects - some participate in as many as five. Each project has a Statement of Work, Period of Performance, Deliverables, Budget and Principal Investigator. Faculty and sponsor collaborate throughout the project to share data, tools and frameworks, and results so that the technology transfer mechanism is maximized.

During the Fall and Spring semesters one or more of the SIGs will host a Research Workshop so that all sponsors can learn about the on-going projects being supported by others.

Also during the Fall and Spring semesters, Lunch Seminars are hosted at the Center to share interim results of work to gain feedback from both the MIT community and sponsors who join via web cast.

Each May the Center holds its Annual Conference where sponsors and faculty jointly present the latest results of research.

Throughout the year, the Center produces a series of newsletters, working papers and research briefs to disseminate knowledge to sponsors and the public. Eventually the faculty will publish the results of the research in peer reviewed journals.

With this structure, and series of events and publications, each company can focus on its dedicated research projects, but also benefit from periodic updates of other research at the Center.

For more information about specific research projects, please visit the projects page.

For a list of faculty and their areas of interest and expertise, please click here.

For a list of sponsors, please visit the Sponsors page.

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